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What we do

Complicated Databases?
No Problem

Organize your tech project information in a simple, cost-effective, and elegant way.

Do it your way!

Build your tech project the way you want it.

Make your Project look great on mobile devices

Make your tech project work the way it is supposed to on smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops.

Go Big Data!

Use as much and as many types
of data as you like!

Be everywhere
on the internet

Have a presence in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and many other social media sites.

Let us worry
about everything

Let us take care of everything, including maintenance and support services.

What have we done up to now?

Pretty much everything that is hip, hot, and relevant, including:

Video Chat

It is amazing how clear, fast, and vivid our video chat is even when your bandwidth is super low! But don’t take our word for it, check it out here!

Automated Marketing

Tired of paying top dollars for someone to update your social media and internet presence? Tired of doing it yourself every day? No worries, we automated this most tedious and boring of jobs so that you can concentrate on growing and acquiring customers. Seriously, check it out here.


Of course, cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects must be something we do! Check out how we are changing how video chat, electronic health records, insurance cleaning houses, and even exempt offerings and smart contracts are done. Come on jump with us into the future here.


Why sign up to a website where you are competing with hundreds of others in your profession? Have your own private individual or group telehealth practice. Or license the platform and begin a separate income stream. It is a no brainer, check it out here

Product Placement Sites

Best way to make a presence in social media and the internet is to give something for free. We all love winning free stuff! We created a platform that allows your business to grow and acquired customers easily just by giving a few products away monthly. Check it out here.

Content Management Systems

Need a place where to easily manage all your website contents? We have that. Whether you need to begin an online magazine or news site, you can do it here.

We Speak Your Language

Tired of looking for a tech company to do one of your projects just to find out they cannot communicate with you? Frustrated looking at their websites just so that you can look up what they are saying in a tech dictionary? Smart does not have to sound smart! We are the only group of best programmers in the world who can make things simple for you. Save time and effort. IntelSoftSystems is here to make things easier for you.

We Nurture Your Tech Project Like If It Was Our Baby

We will be there with you at every step from the beginning. We will nurture your project until it becomes a fully functioning successful adult tech project. We have families too and know that your project is your baby. We will carefully foster its growth and success until it can defend itself in the highly competitive world of tech!!!

The Team

Tim Wesley

Franklin Carvajal


Dr. Franklin Carvajal, Ph.D., Ph.D. LCP, is a clinical psychologist turned entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in business startups. Dr. Carvajal relies on his vast knowledge of psychological and behavioral principles to develop tech products that are addictingly engaging and user friendly.

Haytham Ali

Haytham Ali


Haytham Ali began coding in 1996, five years after the internet went public in 1991. He currently specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, Trading Algorithms, and Video Chat products.

Tim Wesley

Tim Wesley


Tim is a published author with over 25 years of extensive experience in marketing and managing small businesses and staff. Tim has owned, developed, and sold multiple personal small businesses, and has been a key factor in the growth of his client's businesses nationwide.  Tim’s Strategic Marketing Company boasts a dynamic and proven Business Growth System that gives all small business owners and entrepreneurs the ability to cut through all the hype and B.S. and follow a proven step-by-step road-map for turning ideas into money… making business’ phones ring, herding prospects to websites, and successfully marketing new or existing businesses.

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